Chan Chun Ha Hostel

Chan Chun Ha Hostel

Chan Chun Ha Hostel was constructed with a very generous donation from the Chan Chun Ha Charitable Trust and accepted its first batch of students in September 2004. Chan Chun Ha Hostel is a ten-storey building that commands breath-taking views of Tolo Harbour. It provides double and triple rooms with a total of 329 hostel places in which 137 places for male students and 192 places for female students.

Welcome to the Chan Chun Ha Hostel (CCHH)! CCHH is a home with family members coming from different background.  We are proud of our diverse and inclusive student hostel environment.  I am so grateful for the opportunity as your warden for over a decade.  Our hostel – CCHH – signifies Courage, Care, Harmony, and Hospitality.  I have learned and experienced the four characters at CCHH.  It takes courage to live independently as responsible adults in a home away from home.  You have to care for one another to live in a harmonious place with over 300 residents.  In addition, you must have the hospitality heart to make CCHH a home for you and your fellow residents.  All the social gatherings and functions organized by the college and the resident associations require timely arrangement and thoughtful organization.  My team including myself, our workmen and resident tutors are here to welcoming you and sharing your ups and downs.  When you look around us, we see a clean, tide and harmonious hostel.  This is not made possible without our very dedicated resident tutors and workmen.  It is a team effort to build our harmonious and caring home away from home.  All of you are part of this team!  I wish all of you a healthy, joyful, and wonderful year to come!  Most importantly, have a wonderful stay in CCHH as your home away from home!


Professor Vivian WY Lee

Warden of Chan Chun Ha Hostel

Resident Tutors

Ooi Hon Son
Tai Cheuk Wai Gervas
Wong Man Fai Kenny
Chan Ho Ting
Ling Pak Wei
Pang Wing Yin
Tam Hiu Man

Hostel facilities

Hostel has its own meeting room, activity room, reading room, TV room, music room, laundry room, mailbox for residents and tuck shop run by Resident Association etc. There is a pantry equipped with refrigerator, drinking dispenser (cold/hot water), induction cooker on each floor for use.

Resident Association

A distinctive feature of Chan Chun Ha Hostel is that it promotes international culture. Residents of different nationalities gather under the same roof through the activities organized by the Residents’ Association. Chanllenger (2022 CCHH Residents’ Association) held various events despite challenges under the pandemic and distressing social atmosphere. As such, we hope that we could create unforgettable memories for all the residents. It was unfortunate that some annual events were unable to be held, such as Spring Feast, High Table Dinner and Easter celebration activity. Nevertheless, we collaborated with Wu Yee Sun College to organize Secret Angel activity for Valentine’s Day. Photo Day was also held successfully for CCHH graduates to capture the joyful moment of graduation.

 For the upcoming activities, we are preparing for the orientation week which will be held in the coming September. It would be a golden opportunity for residents to know more about each other. A Singing Contest will be organized in semester one in order to facilitate the ice-breaking among residents. We are dedicated to make sure all residents can spend a great time in CCHH!

Hostel Events