Campus Fun
27 Jan 2024

Coastal Cleanup Activity – Lap Sap Wan, Cape D’Aguilar

Hong Kong has many coastal areas that are particularly prone to accumulating rubbish due to the influence of wind direction and water currents. One of such areas is the Lap Sap Wan, Cape D’Aguilar. To address this problem, the College Environment Committee and an Environmental Organisation, Green Hope jointly organised a “Coastal Cleanup Activity – Lap Sap Wan, Cape D’Aguilar” on 27 January 2024. The aim was to allow participants to personally witness the problem and take action to clean up the rubbish, contributing to environmental protection proactively.

The journey of coastal cleanup began at the Cape D’Aguilar Road Bus Stop. A significant amount of rubbish was discovered along the way when participants were walking from Cape D’Aguilar Road Bus Stop towards the Lap Sap Wan. The staff from the Green Hope explained that Cape D’Aguilar is a popular place for outings but unfortunately many people do not dispose of their rubbish properly. Therefore, the participants began picking up rubbish prior to the arrival of their destination.

It was difficult to realise how serious the trash problem was when looking at the Lap Sap Wan from a distance. Participant were shocked to see that the coastal area was truly covered with all sizes of rubbish when they arrived and examined the area closely.

The participants were cleaning up large amount of rubbish near the toilet.

The participants also had a chance to enjoy the stunning natural scenery at the Cape D’Aguilar.

When looking at the Lap Sap Wan from the mountain, we could not notice that the entire beach was covered with rubbish.

The Lap Sap Wan was littered with trash of all sizes, including foam products, plastic bottles, and fishing nets, etc.

After listening to the instructions provided by the staff of Green Hope, the participants began the cleanup activity.

Thanks to the dedication and efforts contributed by all participants, over 130 kilograms of rubbish was collected. This figure serves as a reminder of the seriousness of the marine pollution problem. To truly address the problem, everyone plays an important role in sharing the responsibility. Let us start by reducing waste generation and stop littering into the oceans to protect the environment.