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Feature Interviews with Five Awardees of CUHK Outstanding Students Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce that 36 UC students were honoured the CUHK Outstanding Students Awards 2023 by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in recognition their exceptional performances in various fields, such as art, innovation and invention, community service, and sports. The college has arranged feature interviews with the five award-winning students who are nominated by the College. Let us explore the stories behind these outstanding students.

【Innovation & Invention】Starting a Business Before Graduation – Find Out Samuel’s Path to Success

Chan Sze Nok Samuel (CSCI/5) leads OAO Limited, an entrepreneurial team founded by six CUHK students, to change the way anatomy is perceived and taught worldwide through the innovative GIMII platform, which preserves organ specimens in the form of 3D scans.

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【Sports】Rugby Captain— The Journey of Fong Kit Fung

Fong Kit Fung (PESH/2) is a full-time athlete, member of Hong Kong Seven Rugby Team and CUHK Rugby Team. Through hectic trainings, Fong equips himself to fight shoulder to shoulder with his teammates on the field at all times, representing Hong Kong in rugby competitions around the world.

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【Sports】Athletics is What Completes Me — Luo Tsz Yuen

Luo Tsz Yuen (PESH/2) is an athlete in track and field. She recently competed as a member of the Hong Kong 4x100m women’s relay team at the Hangzhou Asian Games 2023. From overcoming injuries and self-doubt to becoming teammates with her idols on the field, every step she takes is a result of Tsz Yuen’s hard work and preparation for competition.

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【Social Service (For the Society)The Dedicated Doctor-to-be – Victor W T Wong

Wong Wai To Victor (MEDU/3) has been actively engaged in different roles, including being the President of the College’s Toastmasters Club, member of UChum, master of ceremonies for College events. He also established Mediclover with friends to organise voluntary activities. No matter what role he is taking, he always devotes himself in serving the community.

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【Social Service (For the CUHK Community)】The New Blood of United College – Choi Tsz Ching

Choi Tsz Ching Nicole (CMBI/2) serves as the President of Bethlehem Hall Residents’ Association and actively participates in various activities such as CUHK Sunshine, hall events, and college mentorship program. With a willingness to try new things, she constantly learns throughout the process of organising activities. She aims to seize opportunities and steps out of her comfort zone during her undergraduate studies.

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The Award Presentation Ceremony of the Outstanding Student Award was held on 12 January 2024. Professor Stephen H S Wong, College Head, Professor Martin C S Wong, Associate Head and Dean of Students, and Dr Tony Chan, College Secretary, attended the event to congratulate the award-winning students and take a group photo to commemorate the occasion.

A total of 36 United College students were awarded the Outstanding Student Awards this year. The list of the awardees is as follows:



【Innovation & Invention

CHAN Sze Nok (CSCI/5)

ER Hiu Suet (BMSC/4)

【Social Service (For the CUHK Community)

BODENMEIER Franz-jakob (ECON/2)

CHOI Tsz Ching (CMBI/2)

HARTONO Richard Keane (FTEC/3)

【Social Service (For the Society)

WONG Wai To (MEDU/3)



FONG Kit Fung (PESH/2)

LUO Tsz Yuen (PESH/2)

WONG Cheuk Ning (PESH/5)

CHAN Ching Yan Yanice (FTEC/4) | CUHK Women’s Rowing Team

LAU Cheuk Tung (BECE/3) | CUHK Women’s Rowing Team

LEE Kei Yan (23/PHAR) | CUHK Women’s Rowing Team

LEUNG Wing Hei (PHPC/4) | CUHK Women’s Rowing Team

LIAO Tsz Ying (23/NURS) | CUHK Women’s Rowing Team

WONG Si Ching (22/PHYS) | CUHK Women’s Rowing Team

LAI Lok Yee (ELEG/2) | CUHK Women’s Cross Country Team

TAM Hoi Yan (PESH/2) | CUHK Women’s Cross Country Team

TSE Wing Tung (ESHE/5) | CUHK Women’s Cross Country Team

WONG Cheuk Ning (PESH/5) | CUHK Women’s Cross Country Team

CHOI Chun Lok (23/CSCI) | CUHK Men’s Rowing Team

LAM Tsz Chung (BIOL/4) | CUHK Men’s Rowing Team

CHEUNG Sui Him (PESH/4) | CUHK Men’s Cross-Country Team

HUNG Tik Long (ESHE/4) | CUHK Men’s Cross-Country Team

TSANG Cheung Sing Nicholas (PESH/6) | CUHK Men’s Cross-Country Team

YU Shing Him (ESHE/4) | CUHK Men’s Cross-Country Team

CHAN Ming Lung (23/ESHE) | CUHK Men’s Woodball Team

TAM Kin Chung (ENSC/5) | CUHK Men’s Woodball Team

CHAN Cheuk Tung (DSPS/4) | CUHK Women’s Dragonboat Team

CHANG Pei Xin Pania (BMEG/2) | CUHK Women’s Dragonboat Team

FENG Huilin (23/ECON) | CUHK Women’s Dragonboat Team

HO Wan In (NURS/4) | CUHK Women’s Dragonboat Team

LAI Wing Sze (IBBA/2) | CUHK Women’s Dragonboat Team

SIU Tsz Ying (MEDU/4) | CUHK Women’s Dragonboat Team

WU Hiu Ching (FNSC/2) | CUHK Women’s Dragonboat Team

POON Ngo Suet (PHPC/3) | CUHK Women’s Karate Team