Campus Fun

Record Every Light and Shadow in the College – The UC Spectrum

The College and the College Multimedia Production Team (MPT) have once again collaborated to prepare a summer production The UC Spectrum in summer 2023. This six-minute production, which took three months to prepare, eventually attracted more than 15,000 viewers and was shared more than a hundred times on social media, and left a deep impression on the new students.

Looking back to April this year, when the College staff and MPT members were sitting in the Si Yuan Amenities Centre to think about this year’s production, the students were asked why they liked United College. “It’s because the light here is so beautiful,” they jokingly said, “and that’s a sufficient reason!” After the joke, the team really incorporated the concept into their production, and began to submit the story outline, mood boards, reference images, and so on. They observed that the United College is located on the mountain top, with abundant light all year round, which symbolised that the College is well-equipped and has a colourful life for the students to immerse themselves in. They decided to record the glamour of the College’s life with the change of light in a year. But how to capture four seasons in a few shooting days? They made use of the characteristics of four seasons, prepared different props and scenes, and of course, the post-production colouring was also crucial to make it happen. Let us enjoy their work below.


The Colour Tone of the Four Seasons at United College

Light allows us to perceive colours. On the mountain top of United College, “light” plays the leading role, guiding us into a vibrant world of colours. The heroine of the film, like all new students, embarked on her journey to United College in autumn, preparing to tell her own story on the stage where light and shadow intertwine. The golden sunlight penetrates through the leaves of the trees, illuminating the whole mountain. While the turning of leaves danced in an autumn sun, freshmen begin to find various possibilities of college life. With the onset of winter, the light on the mountain takes on a bluish hue. Students faced a variety of exams, assignments, and group presentations, forcing them to shift the focus of their lives from extracurricular activities back to their schoolwork. Meanwhile, the festive lights shine even brighter in winter days, bringing warmth and comfort to the students’ soul. In spring, the breeze gently caresses the newly emerged buds, and the green of the leaves shines in the sunlight. Although the weather is humid, the light adds a bright splash of colour to the hazy hills, making it seem as if we are in a painting full of life. By this time, the students are adapted to the new term and enjoying their time here. The summer sun hangs high overhead, and the mountain is drenched in golden light. The bright light makes the greens even more vibrant, and the waterfalls under the water tower glisten in the sunlight like ribbons of silver inlaid with jewels. The light of the four seasons under the water tower of United College intertwined, making perfect shots for Polaroid. In the embrace of nature, UCians feel the change of light as well as the transition of seasons. Every ray of light and shadow is the unique scenery of the College.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of all the actors and crew members involved in the production, The UC Spectrum received a lot of positive feedback. From the initial concept to the final polishing during post- production, we witnessed the limitless potential and possibilities of our students, who at the same time created the most beautiful scenery of the College.

After completion of filming, both the cast and crew couldn’t hide their excitement.