College Initiatives
13 Apr 2024

We Connected with Sports: Friendly Matches with CUHK(SZ)

A friendly match serves not only a sports competition, but also an opportunity for cultural exchange. The College teams recently participated in two friendly matches with two Colleges of the CUHK(SZ), enabling athletes to learn from each other’s skills and strategies while gaining insight into each other’s culture and values.

Tennis Friendly Match: United College VS Diligentia College (CUHK-SZ)

Following the friendly basketball match between United College (UC) and Diligentia College (DC) in October 2023, the two Colleges organised a friendly tennis match on 13 April 2024. This time, UC Tennis Team traveled to DC to participate in the match. On the day of the event, a total of eight students from UC and seven students from DC took part in the friendly match. After the games concluded, students from both sides extended invitations to continue practicing tennis and hone their skills.

Two teams learnt from each other in the matches.

Subsequently, the UC students visited DC’s hostels and the library at CUHK (SZ). In the evening, they dined at the University cafeteria and experienced the DC students’ campus life. The UC students expressed that this visit provided them with further insights of the campus life in CUHK(SZ) and they warmly welcomed DC students to Hong Kong for future mutual learning.

Volleyball Friendly Match: United College VS Ling College (CUHK-SZ)

The friendly volleyball match between the UC Volleyball Team and the Ling College Volleyball Team from CUHK(SZ) took place on 13 April 2024. This event marked the first sports competition between the two colleges, adding to its overall meaning and importance.

Two teams took a group photo and exchanged their college’s flags before the match.

Volleyball Team of the Ling College visited around the UC campus.

Volleyball Team of the Ling College began the day with a tour of the United College campus, where they learned about the College’s history. As part of the warm welcome, the College hosted a luncheon for students of these two Volleyball Teams. The students had a warm conversation with Professor Stephen H S Wong, College Head, Professor Martin C S Wong, Associate Head and Dean of Students and Professor Tang Sze Wing, Associate Head. Students of two teams then warmed up in the gymnasium and exchanged college’s flags before showcasing their volleyball skills. In the end, the UC Volleyball Team emerged as the winner of this friendly match.