Bethlehem Hall

Bethlehem Hall

Named after the Bethlehem Company Limited whose sizeable donation made its construction possible, Bethlehem Hall was commissioned on 23 September 1978, which is five stories high, with double rooms, a small number of single rooms and triple rooms. It provides 228 hostel places in which 97 places for male students and 131 places for female students.

Residential rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, which is operated through the Octopus card system. Residents can enjoy free Wi-Fi service in the hostel.

Welcome to Bethlehem Hall! Bethlehem Hall is a caring family with a homely and healthy atmosphere. We encourage students to live in discipline and we strive to provide you with a neat and clean environment for your University life here. We focus on taking care of students and meanwhile to promote self-discipline. We are a union of diverse cultures and backgrounds in which diversity is valued by us. I myself, the hall tutors and the Residents Association Committee organize various kinds of activities throughout the academic year and you will enjoy fruitful College life. As you will embark on a new chapter of your University life with us, please remember our support for you. I look forward to welcoming you all  to the Bethlehem Hall family!


Dr. Leung Tak Wah

Warden of Bethlehem Hall

Resident Tutors

Lin Haicheng
Wong Kam Pang
Au-yang Tak Wing
Po Ka Ki

Hostel Facilities

Hostel has its own meeting room, activity room, reading room, TV room, music room, laundry room, mailbox for residents and tuck shop run by Resident Association etc. There is a pantry equipped with refrigerator, drinking dispenser (cold/hot water), induction cooker on each floor for use.

Resident Association

As the 44th Residents’ Association of Bethlehem Hall, “Bationate,” we continue the traditions and spirit of previous residents’ associations to give our fellow residents a unique and gratifying residential experience. In order to accomplish this, we have planned a number of activities, including the Head’s Cup, the B. Hall Family Reunion and High Table Dinners. Every resident and guest has had a great time participating in the activities we have planned. We have a ton of activities coming up to help all students adjust the hostel life in B-Hall, including Singing Night and Orientation Week.


There are different facilities in B-Hall including a tuck store, which offers snacks, drinks, ice cream, and other products to fulfil the requirements of all residents. This is one of the additional services in B-Hall. We welcome any comments or inquiries from residents about the living in B-Hall since “Bationate” serves as a bridge for communicating between the students and the College.


All dormitory activities now have a chance to go off without a hitch after years of pandemic prevention and control procedures. We are eager to welcome all students to Bethlehem Hall so we can share our wonderful and unforgettable hostel life. We “Bationate” promise to make every attempt to help each of our fellow students to get involved in the hostel life.

Hostel Events