Cover Story
23 Dec 2021

The Power of Nature – Forest Therapy in Tsz Shan Monastery

There is a saying that nature is a therapist who owns magical healing power. To experience the pleasures of nature, around 30 College students participated in the Forest Therapy in Tsz Shan Monastery held by the College on 23 December 2021. They nourished their minds through this healing journey.

During this retreat to nature, the Forest Therapy Buddy first invited students to let go of tedious work and connect with nature with their five senses through meditation and mindful walking. Then, the group strolled through the Mindful Path with Peach Blossom Trees and reached an area surrounded by woods. They paid their full attention to ‘this moment’ to commune with nature and were being healed by the environment. Participants were advised to gather the ornaments they like from nature while walking on an alley. No matter how the ornaments look like, they were finally returned to the wild to continue their life cycle.

In this journey, Forest Therapy buddies were just companions while nature was the real therapist to enlighten the participants. Through the exploration of the five senses, participants saw the endless sky and forest, smelled the grass after rained, heard the whispering of birds between woods and felt the wind come across fingers. They had their own awakenings in the forest which encouraged them to slowly put the focus back to their own minds. It was a precious lesson from our nature. Here is some feedback from participants:

Not only can the participants build up linkage with nature, they also pampered themselves for a while in the busy days. They started to ease their minds and enjoyed the moment with the guidance from Forest Therapy buddies as well as the comfort given by nature. They relieved themselves and paid more attention to their inner self. If you are in a tough time, remember to rub your hands and warm yourself up with a simple sentence, ‘You did great, keep it up!’