Currently, there are four student hostels in United College, Adam Schall Residence, Bethlehem Hall, Hang Seng Hall and Chan Chun Ha Hostel, with a total of 1,288 hostel places. The College is situated on a beautiful campus and each hostel has its own unique characteristics and culture, students can choose their suitable one.

The 5th student hostel Choi Kai Yau Residence with four-storey building is under construction and it is estimated to be completed in 2025. After the completion of the new hostel, the total hostel places will increase to 1,538, which accounts for almost half of the College’s student population. 

Hostel Selection Criteria

For local undergraduate students

All local undergraduate students are given the opportunity to stay in student hostels for at least one year during their studies. The allocation of hostel places is administered by the Working Committee on the Selection of Resident Students, the members of which are appointed by the Student Hostels Management Committee. Selection criteria include (1) living district (2) home environment and (3) participation in extracurricular activities. Special situations such as health or family problems, or final-year students who have never been assigned a hostel place during their previous years of study, will also be considered.

UC Hostel Selection Criteria (2024-2025)

Two non-residential halls, Pak Chuen Hall and Ping Fan Hall, take care of the non-resident students and provide rest place and activities to them.

For non-local undergraduate students

From 2016-2017 onward, the Chinese University has abandoned the policy whereby newly admitted non-local undergraduates will not be guaranteed hostel accommodation on campus during their normative period of study. They have to arrange accommodation by themselves for one academic year. In the same spirit, the UC Student Hostels Management Committee has resolved that non-local undergraduates will not be given priority for hostel accommodation in their third year of study. Non-local undergraduates wishing to reside on campus in their non-guaranteed year have to submit hostel applications to the College in the year before promoting to year 3. A quota will be set aside for them but they will have to compete according to the prevailing selection criteria. These will include (a) academic performance (b) participation in extra-curricular activities and (c) participation in hostel activities.

UC Hostel Selection Criteria for non-local Year 3 students


Hostel Regulations

Hostel Regulations for Regular Term Residence