Adam Schall Residence

Adam Schall Residence

Adam Schall Residence was the College’s first student hostel and was built jointly with the Society of Jesus. It began admitting students in December 1971, mainly providing triple rooms with a total of 445 hostel places in which 215 places for male students and 230 places for female students.

Residential rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, which is operated through the Octopus card system. Residents can enjoy free Wi-Fi service in the hostel.

A unique feature of Adam Schall Residence is that it houses a chapel offering Catholic services for the benefit of the entire University.

Welcome to the Adam Schall Residence (ASR) and be part of the ASR family, where students from different faculties, major and years will live together and explore a great journey at the University together.

Like everyone of you, I was also a United College student when I was studying at the University, and I have been teaching in Physical Education Unit since 2009.  I am glad that I have met lots of kind and smart people here over these years, and my life has been enriched. So, I will encourage you try to meet more friends in ASR, join the activities that organized by our ASR Student Residents’ Association, and engage yourself in the non-formal education college’s life as much as you can. I believe all these experiences will not just lead you to a very fruitful University life, but may also bring you some wonderful memory and some good old friends in the future.


Ms. Crystal Cheung
Warden of Adam Schall Residence

Resident Tutors

Chen Yiwei
Cheung Hei Ming
Lee Man Yin Leo
Luk Ho Yin
Liu Weiyu
Ma Yan Man
Wong Siu Miu Michelle
Yiu Tsz Tung

Hostel Facilities

Hostel has its own meeting room, activity room, reading room, TV room, music room, laundry room, mailbox for residents and tuck shop run by Resident Association etc. There is a pantry equipped with refrigerator, drinking dispenser (cold/hot water), induction cooker on each floor for use.

Resident Association

Adam Schall Residence Residents’ Association takes connecting residents and providing hostel services as our responsibility. Therefore, we have been holding different types of activities for our fellow residents. 2023 Adam Schall Residence Residents’ Association- Adam Hood strives its best to establish closer relationships with residents and aims to provide a warm and welcoming hostel environment. To enrich residents’ hostel lives, we held various activities, including Photo Day,  the ASR Singing Contest, and the High Table Dinner, allowing them to explore their potential and acquire meaningful memories.

Fortunately, the nightmare of the epidemic has passed. We are honored to hold multiple events successfully, such as the Head’s Cup, the Monthly Feast, and the Spring Feast. These events provided opportunities for residents to expand their social circle and experience a fruitful hostel life. Besides, we operate the tuck shop every night such that the residents can enjoy snacks and drinks at late night. 

In the upcoming September, we will organise the Orientation Week for freshmen, helping them to adapt the college life as well as the culture of Adam Schall Residence.

Hostel Events