College Life Committee

College Life Committee


Professor TANG Leung Sang Nelson

Ex-Officio Members

Professor WONG Heung Sang Stephen(Head)

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin(Dean of Students)

Dr CHAN Man Hin Tony(College Secretary)

Mr WONG On Tung(Representative of the Staff Association)

Senior College Tutor

Professor CHOY Yuen Min


Professor CHEN Yang Chao

Dr LIU Kin Yat

Dr MA Suk Ling

Professor TONG Yuying

Mr WONG On Tung

Professor YAU Chun Yip

Dr YUNG Ka Chun Tony

Professor ZENG Tieyong

Professor ZOU Jun


Ms LAU Nim Yan Memory

Terms of Reference

1. To promote College life that is conducive to enhancing meaningful interaction among staff members of the College and fostering a community spirit among them.

2. To implement College life programmes/activities and to encourage staff participation in these programmes/activities so as to achieve the aforesaid purposes.

3. To oversee the management of the College’s Staff Common Room.

4. To form sub-committees/working groups, as and when necessary, to handle functions prescribed above.

5. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.