Professor WONG Heung Sang Stephen(Head)

Ex-officio Members

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin(Associate College Head & Dean of Students)

Professor LEE Hung Kay(Associate College Head & Dean of General Education)

Professor TANG Sze Wing(Associate College Head)


Professor CHEUNG Chi Keung Alan

Professor CHOI Chung Hang Jonathan

Professor FUNG Ying Him Anthony

Professor HO Che Wah

Professor LAU Hang Yung Alaster

Dr LAI Hon Weng John

Professor LEE Hung Kay

Professor LEE Wing Yan Vivian

Professor MENG Mei Ling Helen

Professor TANG Leung Sang Nelson

Professor TANG Sze Wing

Professor TSANG Suk Ying Faye

Professor TSUI Kwok Wing Stephen

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin

Professor WONG Man Hon

Professor ZHU Jingxiang


Dr CHAN Man Hin Tony



Terms of Reference

  1. To assist the College Head in making timely and effective decision on important matters relating to the management of the College.
  2. To consider and make decisions on urgent issues and subject matters affecting students and staff of the College between meetings of the Assembly.
  3. To suggest, and facilitate the formulation of, strategic plans on macro issues and directions of the College.
  4. To make recommendations to the Assembly of Fellows on major policies and administrative matters.
  5. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows.