Canteen Management Committee

Canteen Management Committee


Professor TANG Sze Wing


Professor TSE Ying Lung Steve

Ex-Officio Members

Professor WONG Heung Sang Stephen(Head)

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin(Dean of Students)

Dr CHAN Man Hin Tony(College Secretary)

Professor TSE Ying Lung Steve(Representative of the Staff Association)


Mr CHAN Chik Wai Lobo(Representative of the Estates Management Office)

Dr LAW Man Suet Michelle

Dr LAW Yee Man Moon

Dr LEUNG Kit Ting Joanne


Ms MAK Sau Chun Jasman(Representative of the Finance Office)

Professor TSUI Kwok Wing Stephen

Professor ZHAO Ni

Student Representatives

Ms CHIU Sui Ki

Mr LAU Chin Ming

Mr LEE Cheuk Hin


Mrs CHOW CHUNG Bo Wah Jackie

Terms of Reference:

1. To oversee the operation and services of the student and staff canteens of the College.

2. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.