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“Come Rain or Shine, We Are Always By Your Side”: UC Student Wellness Programme

The United College Student Wellness Programme is an initiative to promote mental health awareness and education among the students. Its primary goals are to enhance students’ understanding of mental and psychological well-being through both formal and informal education, and to encourage them to seek support from their peers and the College when necessary. By doing so, the Programme aims to establish a mentally healthy and supportive campus.

To achieve these objectives, the College has organised a series of activities this term. Let’s have a quick recap!

Mirror Painting Art Workshop (20 March 2024) *co-organised by @shelter_shellandspines

During the workshop, the instructor of @shelter_shellandspines, a social enterprise dedicated to promoting peer emotional support, shared the meaningful purpose and significance of mirror painting. Participants were encouraged to express themselves freely on the mirror without any sketches, creating a serene environment for their creativity. Following the painting session, the instructor invited all participants to share the insights and revelations their mirror paintings had unveiled about themselves.

Each student’s mirror painting was unique, much like the diverse experiences encountered during university life. Just as life presents both challenges and moments of joy, we encouraged students to take a moment to look in the mirror, and confront their true feelings.

Yoga Taster Class (11 April 2024)

The Student Wellness Programme invited college member, Professor Rosy R X Xu of the School of Accountancy, to taught a yoga class at the end of the semester. Professor Xu led the students to stretch their bodies in the Hall of Adam Schall Residence, helping them release the pressure accumulated from academic studies. Participants not only deepened their understanding of yoga but also joined a relaxing and comfortable evening.

Feeling in the Light: An Art & Wellness Exhibition (15 April – 10 May 2024) *partnering with @shelter_shellandspines

Ms Cassie W S Lam (細C), a college alumnus and the curator of the exhibition, currently works as a full-time nurse. Her own experience in overcoming mental health challenges served as the catalyst to establish the peer emotional support social enterprise @shelter_shellandspines during her undergraduate studies (click here to learn more about Cassie’s story). In her spare time, she remains committed to advocating for mental health issues in Hong Kong. One of her notable endeavors, “Feeling in the Light” is one of the outcomes of her unwavering dedication in raising awareness about mental health concerns. Previously showcased in the West Kowloon Cultural District, Cassie hopes that this exhibition conveys the message that there are still many compassionate individuals in society who are willing to understand and accompany others on their mental health journey — a collective effort that includes you and countless others.

Feeling in the Light: An Art & Wellness Exhibition took place on 10/F of Chan Chun Ha Hostel.

Students could pick their favorite wind chime and hang it on the tree.

Students could feel free to leave messages on the wind chime.

“I think a place that heals the soul is…”- Students could type their anwswers by the typewriter.

To complement the exhibition, the College has designed some posters and display boards to introduce the College Student Wellness Programme.  The College also created some cards for students to express their feelings, fostering an environment where CUHK students can discover a sense of inner light.

UC wishes to share the light with you.

Students’ messages.

University life a rollercoasters of highs and lows. The College hopes to accompany students throughout this journey, conveying a message through this exhibition: No matter it is sunny or rainy, United College and the people around you are always there!

Every undergraduate student dreams of a beautiful and fulfilling university life. This year, the College’s mental health ambassadors, UChum, drew inspriration from the life of a university student and specially designed a new road sign for United College to display in the exhibition. Wishing all students can realise their dreams at United College!

We are caring for you at UC.