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【You See Well-being】Pace yourself and follow your heart. Take calm breaths, relax and walk on.

Physical Wellness

The Physical Education Unit organises Head’s Cup. Students from four student hostels and two non-residential halls compete for the Championship by actively participating in sports competition. such as basketball, tennis and badminton, etc.

Student with potential are encouraged to join various College sports teams representing the College to participate in various inter-college competitions.

Every September, swimming Gala is organised by the Physical Education Unit. All students are encouraged to actively participate in the individual and group events. They will compete the overall championship titles for their four student hostels and two non-residential halls.

Athletic Meet is organised by the Physical Education Unit in late October. All students are encouraged to actively participate in the track and field events. They will compete the overall championship titles for their four student hostels and two non-residential halls.

Fun and fitness provide much needed balance to work and study. United College offers a wide variety of sports facilities, including Thomas H C Cheung Gymnasium, table tennis room, fitness room and tennis courts.

“United College is one of the most comfortable and convenient colleges in CUHK.  In UC, there is a library if you feel like studying, a gym if you want to play sports, a green lawn to walk around and relax, and the only bar on campus to chill and chat with your friends. I personally like the UC gym the best, because we can play volleyball, badminton, or basketball there.  Sometimes I will go to the gym alone and see if I can play sports with strangers and become friends with them. All in all, UC is a very comprehensive college, and I really enjoyed my life there.”
— LIN Jonathan (23/BMEG)

“As an international student, United College is like a second home to me. The most memorable experience is the “United College Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner”. We ate moon cakes and had dinner with professors from United College while sharing our own college experiences and learning about local cultures. Other than cultural bonding activities, the UC gym and basketball courts are also open after class hours which provides me with a place to work out and relieve the stress from a tiring day. Moreover, the UC library study room is open 24 hours, so I can always find a place to work on my exams and reports. To summarise, UC offers convenient facilities and a welcoming environment for international students to enjoy university life.”
— WANG Han Yi (23/BMEG)

Mental Wellness

Aiming at relieving students’ stress and easing their mood, the College has organized a series of activities and workshops which included “Forest Therapy at Tsz Shan Monastery”, “Wagashi Making Workshop” and “Wire Art Workshop”etc. Through the UChum programme, the College also provided mental health first-aid training to the selected College mental health ambassadors to organise some mental health awareness activities for the fellow UC students.

I enjoyed every part of the workshop. Making wagashi is really a great fun and rewarding. Although I did not expect the part that the teacher talked about pressure points, it was very interesting though.
Participant of Wagashi Workshop

During the fun fair, I was delighted to see the support from the College Head, staff and students. Everyone was very involved in the games and had a relaxing time during the midterm. I hope that I can participate in it and give emotional support to participants too.
–UChum Mental Health Student Ambassador