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In accordance with the College motto of “Ming De Xin Min”, the General Education Programme emphasizes good personality, intellectual broadening, and critical thinking as well as social responsibility of our students. The programme is designed to broaden the interests of students, arouse their inquisitiveness, and encourage them to serve society. The importance of scholastic skills and competencies of global citizenship are also emphasized to meet the needs of rapid-changing society.

At United College, we offer a wide range of General Education courses. Students can take them according to their own study plan. In order to fulfill the undergraduate degree requirement, students are required to complete 6 units of College GE course during their studies.

To keep pace with globalisation and broaden its students’ international outlook, the comprehensive Globe-Oriented Active Learning Programme was launched in 2008. Supported by a wide range of scholarships and financial awards, students have many opportunities to participate in non-local learning activities organised by the College.

Long-term and Short-term Student Exchanges

Peking University, China
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
University of Oulu, Finland
Universite Catholique de Lille, France

“I am proud and honoured to be a UCian. United College has given me a lot of memorable experiences during my university life. Through joining UC GOAL Programme, I attended the University of London as an exchange student, which allowed me to experience a different study life overseas. UC also provides a scholarship to support my exchange in London. I have met many new friends from all over the world in UC. The fruitful College life brings joy to me every day.”
— HU Zhihan (COMM/Year 3)

Language and Cultural Learning Programmes

The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
University of Oxford, UK
University of York, UK
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Yale University, USA
The University of Sydney, Australia
Tsinghua University, China

“I am grateful and honoured to have received opportunities to study in multiple cities and countries through UC GOAL programmes in my past four years. My life experience has been enriched, and my horizon broadened. I am now able to be flexible and positive when encountering ups and downs in life. Learning to embrace diversity, is the most valuable lesson I have ever had from all exchange programmes supported by the United College.”
— TAM Kit Ying Cherry (2020/IBBA)

Service-learning Internship Programme

Mainland China

The Social Innovation and Experiential Learning Project (SIEL) was established in 2019-2020 to promote social innovation by engaging students in different forms of experiential learning activities on and off campus co-organised by various Hong Kong social enterprises. Students will be able to accumulate different experiences and become innovators to respond to public needs and resolve social problems creatively and effectively.



Group Sense Social Innovation and Sustainable Development Award focuses on social responsibility and sustainable development. It is one of the major events organised by the College Social Innovation and Experiential Learning Project. The competition provides a platform for creative ideas and short-term projects to grow and be executed with funding support, enabling them to evolve into some mature social enterprises.

The College invites different speakers to give talks to College students during College Assemblies every year. These talk series include Alumni Talk, Annual Workshop, Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lecture, etc. It is hoped that the talk series can broaden student interest in diverse areas of knowledge and inspire them to learn and develop their potential.

Explore Yourself

The Leadership Training Scheme aims to develop students’ potentials, to nurture their leadership skills and instill dignity. Additionally, the scheme has played a role in establishing the United College Leadership Training Society.

The Language Improvement Project is funded by the University with the aims to improve students’ Chinese and English languages as well as cultural awareness. The project is extended to support programmes teaching other modern languages and cultures in 2021-22. It provides different platforms for students to improve their language and communication skills in a friendly environment.

Different formats of art and cultural activities are organised by the College to foster art and culture appreciation on campus.  Art courses and exhibitions of paintings, Chinese calligraphy and sculptures are also organised regularly. Renowned artists and writers are invited as Artist-in-Residence or Writer-in-Residence to conduct workshops, lectures, luncheon talks and sharing sessions to enrich art appreciation and creativity atmosphere on campus.