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Students’ Testimonial

What does United College mean to me? Before joining CUHK, I had heard about United College from my seniors and teachers, but my understanding of it was quite limited. It wasn’t until I had to choose a College that I hesitated, but ultimately, I joined United College.
To me, United College has become a place of solace. After a busy day of studies, I take the No. 2 campus bus to the United College station and then leisurely walk back to my hall. Each time I return to the residence, I find a sense of peace and rest.
United College serves as a platform for improvement. There are numerous opportunities here for us to learn and explore new things, and the college provides substantial support to help us grow.
United College feels like home. I’ve encountered a diverse array of people here—members of the United College Drama Club, Uchum members, and even my friends and staff with whom I interact daily - all of whom make me love this place.
My affection for this place has deepened, and this sentiment encapsulates the essence of what United College means to me.

- Jacky Lau (PACC/Year 1)

Last August, I attended the orientation day of CUHK. A group of students from United College were very enthusiastic about introducing different college’s activities and the University itself. I still remember that I had already committed to participate in one of the UC activities, and in the end, I almost joined every one of them. All the wonderful, precious, passionate, and youthful memories were brought for me by this place.
Now, as a new batch of freshmen will arrive at the orientation day in August. I hope all of you can leave your mark and footprints in this place, just as I did and enjoy every little thing that this place has to offer.

- Lam Pak Hei (BSCI/Year 1)

When you first enter the university, you may feel unfamiliar with the place and experience a sense of being lost and anxious about what to do. I had similar feelings when I arrived, but fortunately, I joined UC after the DSE. It was the most confusing period for me, but at UC, I discovered different things and began my wonderful university life. You’ll make friends whom you’ll never forget; they might even become like family. Everyone supports each other and values openness and honesty. UC offers various activities such as Ocamp, UC Bun, College Anniversary, and UC Sing, allowing you to experience things you’ve never done before. Embrace the youthful spirit and enjoy your passionate college days. Over the past year, I’ve participated in numerous university events, from attending to organising my own Ocamp. It’s challenging to capture all these memories in just a few sentences. I want to express my genuine love for UC and my desire to contribute to this community. I hope you’ll also grow here, finding joy and meaning in your journey. Now it’s your turn to create your own UC story, while I continue writing mine.

- Mak Ping Hei Jason (FTEC/Year 1)

As someone who has been CUHK for a year, I will suggest you to experience the activities of United College, especially in your first year, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You may not know what colleges are and their significance, as you have just entered the university. You might also have little ideas about UC, but I hope you can take the chance to participate in it. Who knows, you might fall in love with this place that I consider home.

- Tang Chun Lui (LAWS/Year 1)

I am absolutely proud and honored to say that I am a student of United College. United College provided a variety of activities that made my first year at CUHK fantastic. Within the College, events like BBQ nights, freshmen tea gatherings, and sports events helped me quickly integrate into college and university life. Venturing beyond the college to explore the world, I participated in the Young Fellowship Academy to acquire leadership skills and will soon visit Oxford University to meet like-minded students. Thanks to United College, I have become a better person and have seen a bigger world.

- Dong Yihan Edith (BSCI/Year 1)

Diverse exchange opportunities, generous scholarships, and vibrant campus life were the key factors that drew me to United College. However, over the past few years, the people, experiences, and the ambiance of this place have become the true reasons I cherish it. At United College, we embrace our youth with exuberance, leaning on one another and crafting narratives filled with infinite possibilities as fearless adults, even in the moments of uncertainty and adversity.

- YUNG Wing Chun (MEDU/ Year 2)

United College stands out due to its remarkable celebration of diversity. From the moment I stepped into this vibrant community, I was greeted with open arms and an overwhelming sense of belonging. Interacting with fellow students from all parts of the world broadened my horizons and nurtured lifelong friendships. Moreover, the college is dedicated to providing a wonderful university experience for both local and non-local students. They generously offer a variety of scholarships and opportunities, while also actively organising different activities to enrich student life. I am truly grateful and extremely proud to be a UCian.

- DING Ruiqin (BEHM/Year 2)

Through the summer GOAL programmes offered by United College, I was extremely fortunate to visit the University of Oxford during my first year and then embark on a service trip to Uganda, Africa in my second year. Thanks to generous scholarships and comprehensive planning provided by the College, I could safely and fully immerse myself in these vastly different cultural experiences. This was particularly valuable in Uganda, a developing country where communication with locals posed challenges due to our significant cultural differences. Navigating potential health and safety concerns, such as viruses and robberies, added to the complexity. Nevertheless, I feel deeply grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the region's beautiful scenery and history. The plethora of group activities organised by United College provided me with countless opportunities to connect with like-minded students. During the GOAL programmes and through my UChum team, I shared many fun and meaningful moments with peers from diverse backgrounds. I am truly thankful for the lifelong friendships that have blossomed from these enriching experiences.

- Kate Liu (MEDU/Year 2)

I am honored to be a member of United College. United College provides students with many opportunities for activities, scholarships and internship programs. In my freshman year, I participated in the Mentorship Program. Thanks to the program, I became more clear about my own development direction in the communication with my mentor. We mentees even prepared a BBQ with mentors. It was a very good experience! UC also regularly invites some well-known scholars to give lectures, which is beneficial to students of related majors. Thank you, UC! I believe that the four years in United College will be unforgettable for me!

- Ma Zizhan (CSCI/Year 2)

University is an unknown new world, and I believe everyone will be filled with distinct thoughts and goals throughout the following four years.
Whether you want to go crazy or just live an enjoyable existence, United College may meet your diverse wishes and different expectations.
You will meet a bunch of like-minded, crazy friends who are embarking on a new chapter of life. You will have opportunities and spaces to express your ideas and talents, allowing you to do whatever you want.
UC carries my precious and sweet memories! I wish you to have wonderful and unforgettable moments. creating your own regretless and unique university experience.

- Chan Pui Yin (IBBA/Year 3)

Turning into a university student may bring you fears of the unknowns ahead. You may doubt if you can integrate socially. Or you may feel worried about your new school life. Fortunately, my first year in UC gives me no fears but comfort. What UC offers is not only a lovely campus, but also opportunites for you to explore your own potentials. I hope you may also discover your values and meet good friends here in UC, just like what we do!

- Ruby Lee (ENGE/Year 3)

I am immensely impressed with the activities and environment that UC offers. UC has made me feel welcomed and provided countless opportunities to make the best of my university life.

While stress from life's challenges is hard to avoid, UC's wellness activities - such as mental health workshops, art and wellness exhibitions - have fostered a caring atmosphere across campus. These activities have not only provided me with resources and knowledge for nurturing my well-being but also offered comfort, even during stressful times.

I have also joined UChum and become one of our college's mental health ambassadors. Being a part of UChum has allowed me to contribute to fostering mental health awareness in our college. Additionally, it has allowed me to form strong bonds with my fellow schoolmates, creating a sense of connection.

The spacious and comfortable campus has also given me adequate spaces to focus on my studies or simply enjoy my time with friends. Coupled with the abundant greenery, I feel like I have a nice place to focus, relax, and work at my own pace. UC has exceeded my expectations and contributed to my thriving experience throughout my time in university.

- Erik Persson (PSYC/Year 3)

Being a United College student has allowed me to experience a magnificent campus life, from its glamourous campus environment to the exposure and opportunities it provides. The college has a very strong history providing numerous exchange program opportunities alongside a dynamic general education program all embracing a wonderful experience. Moreover, United College has been very supportive of their student bodies and are always keen on creating strong student culture giving opportunities to all students to bring a change both inside and outside the college. It has been a honor being a United College student, I look forward to the two years left here at United College!

- Harsh Sharma (MAEG/Year 3)

Unknowingly, I have been living in UC for several years. I use the word “live” because I believe that many UC students are like me and feel that this place is not only a place to study, but also like a home. We have close connections, organise activities and reside in the same hostels together, seeing each other every day. We are like a big family. I suggest that all freshmen try more things after joining UC and find the path that suits you best. No matter what, I promise you will have a fruitful University life here.

- Tam Wing Cheong (URSP/Year 3)

Over the past three years, I have participated in various activities at UC, including organising committees of different large and small-scale student activities. Additionally, I joined the service learning programme to Uganda, where I gained valuable experiences and met many people. I am grateful to be part of UC and have these wonderful opportunities, and I’m confident that you will not regret choosing UC!

- Yu Chun Wing (COMM/Year 3)

Entering the university in the year of covid outbreak, the much-expected vibrant and refreshing school life seemed all but impossible. Amidst the monotonous semesters, however, UC brought in the silver lining. With the joint endeavours of the college members, we were provided with ample opportunities to connect with fellow students and explore their potential. It was through these platforms that I, a UC student, could not only meet like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, but also become a part of a warm and welcoming community. I also had the pleasure to work with staff whom I can see pour their heart and soul into improving our well-being.
To let in a secret - UC was not my first choice when I was a clueless freshman. In retrospect, I am nothing but immensely grateful that I became, and will continue to be, a proud member of United College.

- Jessica Lee (ELED/Year 4)

I remember myself walking into United College with full excitement back in 2019. This is my very first home in Hong Kong, where I have learned to observe, experience, and enjoy cultural differences. Here, I have met many kind, amazing, and talented people from different backgrounds speaking different languages. To me, UC is more than just a college as it gives me countless exposure to the diversity of life. It is the people that make this place incredibly special. The connections I have built and the wonderful moments I have spent around UC are so valuable that it becomes unforgettable, and I am really glad to be a part of United College.

- KHUMJUANG Autchariya (23/IBBA)

When I first entered the University, the first thing I wanted to see is United College as it would be my college. I was very much fascinated by the college surroundings which had a mix of nature and good architecture. I got more engaged with the college when I joined UC Toastmasters Club. As Club President, We achieved the President's Distinguished Status for the first time in 2020-2021 which was the highest achievement a Toastmaster Club could achieve. Overall, I will never forget the memories made at this college and will definitely keep visiting.

- NANAVATI, Shreyans (23/IBBA)

United College has been home away from home for me. It has been there to hear me out in tiring times and has supported me in unconditional ways when in college and otherwise too. The time that I have spent in this college has allowed me to make new friends from people around the world and helped me in my overall development. Through various events organised by the college and facilities provided by UC, it has allowed me to complement my intentions with my actions. Hoping to have two more years of an unforgettable experience at the college!

- BAJAJ Rishika (23/CSCI)

My UC journey has created a lot of memorable moments in my university life. It is a college diversified enough to be able to cover your interests, while at the same time intimate enough to be able to meet like-minded individuals and find the support that you needed. I feel lucky to be in an environment that allows me to explore different things and get to find what interests me most. If you ever thought of spicing up your university life, the United College Toastmasters Club and the College Tennis Team are sure not to be missed!

- Elizabeth LUI (23/ELED)

It is an absolute honour to become a part of the United College community throughout my university life. I am incredibly grateful for the exposure and opportunities that UC has provided for me. Having had the privilege to receive scholarships pertinent to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and whole-person development, I always feel as if UC is my chosen family who constantly supports my dreams and ambitions in any fashion. Upon graduation, I look forward to staying in touch with UC and supporting fellow UC students whenever necessary. Thank you, UC and I am always proud to be a part of UC College!

- Yip Yuk Long (22/ENSC)

I am proud and thankful that I can be one of the UC students. United College allowed me to have different opportunities to know more about the world and brought me an unforgettable university life. I hope I can end this article by sending my most sincere gratitude to United College. Thank you, UC!

- LEE Wai Nam (20/CHLL)

For two years joining UC Toastmasters Club (UCTMC), I genuinely feel grateful for the opportunities, exposure, and support from the college and the community where I can always learn and grow. From being a reserved person who does not have the courage to speak in front of others to a Vice-President (Membership) who is willing to promote his own club in front of hundreds of freshmen, I can tell how much I’ve grown and been inspired by UCTMC. Regular meetings among the club gather people who have the same and only objective—to improve our public speaking skills—which is extremely useful in a way that benefits us in different stages of life.

- Alonso Ng (BIOL/Year 2)

UC’s programme at Williams College was a transformative experience that rescued me during one of the most perplexing periods of my life as a recent graduate. As I navigated the challenges of adapting to a completely new country, joining this program proved to be a decision I will never regret. It provided me with the opportunity to connect with incredible individuals, forge lifelong friendships, and delve into the captivating realm of teaching Chinese as a second language—a field I aspire to advance in. I am immensely grateful to UC for offering me the key that unlocked a year of immense personal and professional growth.

- Vincy Ng (23/TRAN)


- 李文靜 (21/中國語言及文學)





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