Campus Planning Committee

Campus Planning Committee


Professor ZHU Jingxiang


Dr XU Liang Leon

Ex-Officio Members

Professor WONG Heung Sang Stephen(Head)

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin(Dean of Students)

Professor LEE Hung Kay(Dean of General Education)

Dr CHAN Man Hin Tony(College Secretary)

Professor TSUI Kwok Wing Stephen(Chairperson, Environment Committee)

Professor WONG Man Hon(Chairperson, IT Development Committee)


Professor CHAN Chung Shing Johnson

Professor CHUNG King Lam Calvin

Professor LAM Kin Che

Student Representatives

Mr CHU Lap Yan

Mr TAM Wing Cheong


Mr YIP Chun Wai Derek

Terms of Reference

1. To articulate a long-term vision of the campus design.

2. To recommend the optimal uses of buildings and sites.

3. To review development and building proposals.

4. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.