Committee on Student Affairs and Development

Committee on Student Affairs and Development


Professor Stephen H S WONG

Ex-Officio Members

Professor Jimmy C M YU(Head)

Professor Alaster H Y LAU(Dean of Students)

Professor LEE Hung-kay(Dean of General Education)

Mr Tony M H CHAN(College Secretary)

Mr LAM Wan-chung(Student Union President)

Mr LI Ka-ho(Student Union Council Chairperson)


Professor Steven GALLAGHER

Professor Esther S C HO

Dr John H W LAI

Professor LAM Ching-man

Professor TANG Sze-wing

Professor TANG Wai-kwong

Professor Faye S Y TSANG

Professor WONG Man-hon

Representative of Wardens of Student Hostels

Representative of Wardens of Non-residential Halls

Student Representatives


Mr CHEUNG Kai-him

Mr KONG Ming-kin

Mr KWAN Ho-kan

Ms LAO Wai-yuen

Mr WONG Tsz-i


Mr George W Y LAM

Terms of Reference

1. To advise and make recommendations to the College on matters relating to student affairs.

2. To implement student development policies and programmes.

3. To administer the College’s student development programmes.

4. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.