Student Hostels Management Committee

Student Hostels Management Committee


Professor Stephen H S WONG

Ex-Officio Members

Professor Jimmy C M YU(Head)

Professor Alaster H Y LAU(Dean of Students)

Professor LEE Hung-kay(Dean of General Education)

Mr Tony M H CHAN(College Secretary)

Ms Crystal K Y CHEUNG(Warden of Adam Schall Residence)

Dr LEUNG Tak-wah(Warden of Bethlehem Hall)

Professor Vivian W Y LEE(Warden of Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Mr WONG On-tung(Warden of Hang Seng Hall)


Professor CHAN Ngai-hang

Professor Janita P C CHAU

Professor Leo K C CHEUNG

Ms Monica M S YUEN(Representative of the Finance Office)

Wardens of Non-residential Halls

Professor Anthony Y H FUNG

Professor Eunice L Y TANG

Student Representatives of the Residents' Associations

Mr CHEUNG Kai-him(Adam Schall Residence)

Ms WANG Janice(Adam Schall Residence)

Mr WONG Tsz-i(Bethlehem Hall)

Mr LIU Ka-ho(Bethlehem Hall)

Ms LAO Wai-yuen(Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Mr HO Cheuk-him(Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Mr BOOTWALA Jason(Hang Seng Hall)

Ms LIM Hoi-ying(Hang Seng Hall)

Student Representatives of the Student Union

Mr CHAN Jian-xi

Mr HUI Ka-kin


Mrs Joyce WU

Terms of Reference

1. To implement student hostel policies.

2. To oversee the management and operation of the College’s student hostels.

3. To be accountable to Assembly of F