Student Hostels Management Committee

Student Hostels Management Committee


Professor Anthony Y H FUNG

Ex-Officio Members

Professor Stephen H S WONG(Head)

Professor Martin C S WONG(Dean of Students)

Professor LEE Hung-kay(Dean of General Education)

Mr Tony M H CHAN(College Secretary)

Ms Crystal K Y CHEUNG(Warden of Adam Schall Residence)

Dr LEUNG Tak-wah(Warden of Bethlehem Hall)

Professor Vivian W Y LEE(Warden of Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Mr WONG On-tung(Warden of Hang Seng Hall)


Professor CHAN Ngai-hang

Professor Janita P C CHAU

Professor Leo K C CHEUNG

Ms Monica M S YUEN(Representative of the Finance Office)

Wardens of Non-residential Halls

Professor Eunice L Y TANG

Professor Faye S Y TSANG

Student Representatives of the Residents' Associations

Mr LEE Ka-yi(Adam Schall Residence)

Ms SO Yuen-to(Adam Schall Residence)

Ms HON Ting-jie(Bethlehem Hall)

Mr TAM Kam-hang(Bethlehem Hall)

Mr CHAN Tin-yik(Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Ms LAU Tsz-yan(Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Mr LO Tsun-lok(Hang Seng Hall)

Ms NG Tsz-ching(Hang Seng Hall)

Student Representatives of the Student Union

Ms CHIU Sui-ki

Mr YUNG Timothy


Ms Celia S Y LIN

Terms of Reference

1. To implement student hostel policies.

2. To oversee the management and operation of the College’s student hostels.

3. To be accountable to Assembly of F