Alumni Day 2019

The UC Alumni Day 2019 was held on 26 October 2019. All alumni were invited to this annual reunion gathering to celebrate the College’s 63rd Anniversary with staff and students. They were given an update on the latest developments of the College. The annual event was enthusiastically supported by alumni and strengthened their cohesion with the College.

Over 120 alumni and their family members participated in the gathering. Professor Jimmy C M Yu, College Head and Mr Simon K C Lee, President of UC Alumni Association, addressed the assembly in the welcoming party. Then, the alumni enjoyed a college anniversary party and tea buffet at the Student Canteen. Alumni then divided into 3 group activities: (1) French Palmier Workshop for Alumni and their children jointly organised with Si Yuan Amenities Centre Club Management Committee; (2) a guided tour around the Alumni Trail and visited College facilities; and (3) to play table tennis at UC Table Tennis Room. A full day of fun and laughter concluded at around 5:00 pm.