Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development

Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development


Professor TANG Leung Sang Nelson


Dr CHAN Ning

Ex-Officio Members

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin (Dean of Students)

Dr CHAN Man Hin Tony (College Secretary)

Senior College Tutors

Professor CHANG Song Hing


Professor CHAN Chung Shing Johnson

Ms CHEUNG Ka Yee Crystal


Mrs CHOW CHAN Man Yuen Grace

Professor FUNG Kwok Pui

Professor HO Che Wah

Professor IP Siu Po Paul

Professor LEE Pak Ching Patrick

Dr LIONG Ching

Professor LO Wing Hung Carlos

Professor LOK Tat Ming

Dr SIU Kam Wah

Mr SO Pak Cheung Roger

Professor TO Kin Wah Kenneth

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin

Professor WONG Man Hon


Ms LUK Man Yee Amy

Terms of Reference

1. To provide a forum for discussion on issues relating to alumni and alumni affairs.

2. To function as a link between the Alumni Association and the College.

3. To advise the Assembly of Fellows on the formulation of strategies and logistic plans on the development of alumni affairs.

4. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.