Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee


Professor Alan C K CHEUNG

Ex-Officio Member

Mr Tony M H CHAN(College Secretary)


Professor Kevin Y F AU

Professor Anthony Y H FUNG

Professor HO Che-wah

Professor HO Kin-Fai

Professor Cindy H P SIT

Professor WONG Man-hon

Professor YU Yong

Professor ZHAO Yuhong

Student Representatives

Ms CHAN Tsz-ying

Mr LAM Wan-chung

Mr LI Ka-ho


Ms Chris S K LI

Terms of Reference

1. To hear disciplinary cases and decide charges of misconduct or infringement of University/College regulations.

2. To refer disciplinary cases to relevant authorities for further action.

3. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.

United College’s Procedures for Handling Student Disciplinary Cases