Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory and Creative Media Studio

Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory & Creative Media Studio

The Creative Media Studio in the Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory is not only a professional production venue, but also a multi-functional space. From the creation of an idea to the realisation of the scene in one’s mind, the Creative Media Studio provides the right support in this process to meet the different needs of users.

1. Unleash Your Creativity*

Creativity needs space and time to flourish, and sometimes good ideas just come to us through casual conversations. In order to let inspiration emerge, the Creative Media Studio provides a comfortable space for students to “Chill out” and a relaxed atmosphere for photo-taking.

►Chill & chat
►Group Discussion
►Small Event
►Formal Meeting

*Self Service


2. Unravel Production Process**

No matter for an exchange interview, job seeking, or academic work requirement, students may need to produce a video resume or simple videos. From filming to post-production, the technician will provide basic technical support and teach the students how to use the equipment initially. The students can make good use of the resources available to produce they need, with a hope of developing it into a self-help service in the long run.

► Record Video Resumes
► Portrait / Product Photography
► Sound recording & mixing
► Video recording & Live Streaming

**With Technical Support


3. Unfold Your Scene

The Creative Multimedia Studio is fully equipped to support a wide range of productions, such as shooting with chroma key, oversea lectures, live broadcasts and rebroadcasts etc. From pre-production to on-site support, each shooting is tailor-made for your need. The technician can also provide guidance on simple editing techniques for students afterwards.

►Tailor-made shooting plans (subject to service charge)

Book your venue now!

Please read the following terms and regulations:

Points to note before booking
➤ The studio is reserved for booking and use by eligible United College students and staff members for educational and non-commercial purposes ONLY.
➤ The Creative Media Studio is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Users are required to submit this application form 7 working days prior to the date of use and will receive the result within three working days.
➤ The duration of each booking session is 2 hours from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday. The studio is not available for booking on Sundays and Public Holidays.
➤ A maximum of 3 sessions can be reserved per week per user.
➤ This venue or equipment booking is not transferrable to a third party. If any users transferred the venue or equipment borrowed to a third party, the user concerned will not be eligible to any other booking for the whole semester.

Points to note on the day of use
➤ Users are required to present confirmation email and CU Link Card for checking at our counter.
➤ Users who failed to check-in to the reserved room 10 minutes after the booking session begins will be forfeiting their reservation.
➤ Eating or drinking is strictly prohibited in the studio.
➤ Users are responsible for any damages of the furniture and equipment in the studio.
➤ For violation of regulations listed, the College could cease the right of the user to use the venue or equipment above until further notice.
If you wish to shoot or record with College equipment, be sure to save your media files in your own storage devices such as: USB/SD cards before leaving the Studio.
➤ “Unfold Your Scene” package is subject to a fee of HKD1000/hour, which can be waived for UC students on a case-by-case basis.

Other remarks
➤ To cancel a confirmed booking, users concerned must inform the Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory as soon as possible.
➤ No-show without making any cancellation will still be counted and the weekly quota will be deducted count against the quota limit.
➤ United College is responsible for providing the venue and related support only and the user is required to ensure that the filming content is appropriate and does not cause or threaten to cause any harassment, nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience, damage or danger to any person or thing, and to comply with the relevant law and regulations.
➤ The College reserves the right to amend the rules where deem appropriate.
➤ College staff reserve the right to enter the studio for inspection during users’ reserved sessions whenever needed.

For enquiry:2603 6366

Booking Form

Other services in Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory



▼Provide power and charging cables

▼Multifunctional printer with Octopus system

▼Rest area