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Student Campus Life

United College Student Union

College Student Union

The Student Union of United College was established in 1962. Its constituent bodies include the Executive Committee, Council and affiliated interest groups and departmental societies. The Student Union website is at

The Executive Committee is the highest administrative organisation of the Student Union. It is responsible for drafting activity proposals and legislation for approval by the Council, and for implementing the decisions. The Executive Committee organises various large scale College events, such as Orientation Camp and Anniversary activities through direct involvement or the recruitment of organising committees. The Committee also manages the Student Union Office and all related facilities. All activities of the Executive Committee are monitored by the Student Union Council. 

The Council is the highest legislative and monitoring organisation of the Student Union. It handles the election, registration and resource allocation of all affiliated student bodies. It is also responsible for monitoring all those organisations registered under the Student Union.

The affiliated student bodies include student hostels, non-residential halls, interest groups and departmental societies. There are over 40 organisations involved, which are all self-administered on a yearly re-election basis, striving for better benefits for their members and organising various non-formal educational activities for College students. Their interest widely spread across academic, cultural and arts, sports and music.

Student Hostels

In 2011-2012, United College offers 1,413 hostel places (including hostel places at International House and other hostels) to students, which accounts for about 50% of the College student population. A total of 1,284 hostel places are offered in the four student hostels in United College, namely Adam Schall Residence, Bethlehem Hall, Chan Chun Ha Hostel and Hang Seng Hall.

All undergraduate students are given the opportunity to stay in student hostels for at least one year during their studies. Hostel places are guaranteed for non-local students and exchange students. The allocation of hostel places is administered by the Working Committee on the Selection of Resident Students, the members of which are appointed by the Student Hostels Management Committee. Selection criteria include: (1) living district (2) home environment and (3) extracurricular activities. Special situations such as health or family problems, or final year students who have never been assigned a hostel place during their previous years of study, will also be considered.

Each hostel has its own common room, television room, study room, games room, music room and laundry. There are air-conditioning facilities, a direct telephone line and computer outlets connecting to the campus network in each student bedroom. Residents can also enjoy Wi-Fi service in hostels. Residents' Associations are formed in all hostels to help organise hostel activities and promote resident welfare.

Adam Schall Residence
Adam Schall Residence was the College's first student hostel, and was built jointly with the Society of Jesus. It began admitting students in December 1971, providing a total of 443 hostel places. A unique feature of Adam Schall Residence is that it houses a chapel offering Catholic services for the benefit of the entire University.

Bethlehem Hall
Named after the Bethlehem Company Limited whose sizeable donation made its construction possible, Bethlehem Hall was commissioned on 23 September 1978. It houses 228 students.

Chan Chun Ha Hostel
Chan Chun Ha Hostel is the newest student hostel of the College. It was constructed with a very generous donation from the Chan Chun Ha Charitable Trust and accepted its first batch of students in September 2004. Chan Chun Ha Hostel is a ten-storey building that commands breath-taking views of Tolo Harbour. It has a total of 327 hostel places.

Hang Seng Hall
Hang Seng Hall, situated on the north side of the College campus just below Residence Road, was built through a very generous donation from the Hang Seng Bank. Opened in 1986, Hang Seng Hall provides hostel places for 286 students.

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Non-Residential Halls

The College has two non-residential halls: Pak Chuen Hall and Ping Fan Hall. They were established in October 1981, aiming to provide suitable social and recreational venues for non-residential students after class. Non-residential students with surnames “A-Lee” are members of Pak Chuen Hall. Non-residential students with surnames after “Lee” are members of Ping Fan Hall.

Student Activities & Interest Groups

College Debate Team
The College Cantonese Debate Team was formed in 2000, with the objective of developing student interest in debate and improving their logical thinking, organisation and public presentation skills. The team has had good support from students over the years and organises regularly friendly matches with other debate teams. The Dean of Students' Office coordinates in recruitment and Senior College Tutor serves as advisor for the team. 

Toastmasters Club
The United College Toastmasters Club was chartered by the Toastmasters International in September 2005 to promote English public speaking amongst United College students. The motto of the club is 'take the stage, speak your world'. At Toastmasters meetings, members learn by speaking to groups and working with others in a supportive environment. Members receive trainings on impromptu speaking, public speaking and presentation, and effective listening and leadership through practice and the aid of structured training manuals and feedback from their fellow club members.

Drama Club
The Drama Club was formed by a group of students who were enthusiastic about drama and acting. The club has participated actively in drama performance in various public occasions. Every year, the club also organises drama, mini-shows and summer drama training camps, and participates in the Inter-college Drama Competition.

Social Service
Social service activities on or outside the College campus are mainly organised by the Rotaract Club and the Leo Club. The College's Rotaract Club has been set up for 42 years, which is the first batch of Rotaract Club for youth. The College's Leo Club is the first of its kind being established by the Lions Club in the tertiary institutions. Every year, these clubs organise many meaningful events and actively serve our local community. In the recent years, their service boundary has been broadened to mainland China and overseas countries.

Environmental Protection Activities
United College Environmental Protection Society was set up in 2003. This was the first college-based student-led society of its kind in the University. Activities organised by college on environmental protection including the Energy Wise Award Scheme, an inter-hostel energy conservation competition, eco tours, organic farming scheme, recycling scheme in the CUHK hostel, etc.

Astronomy Club
In order to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about astronomy, United College Astronomy Club organises workshops and star gazing activities so that students can master some star gazing basics and techniques on using different equipment.

United College Choir
United College Choir was established in February 2011. The choir aims at nurturing students with perseverance and team work by means of a collective artisitic actiitiy. It will be performed on different occasions throughout the year.

Creative Student Activity Award Programme
This Programme is established to encourage College students and student bodies to organise qualitative and creative activities for their members and fellow students. All student bodies registered under the College Student Union and College students are eligible for application. The objectives of the programme are: (i) to increase the organisation of quality student activities on campus to benefit all College students; (ii) to foster the development of an active spirit amongst student organisations; and (iii) to motivate students to participate in and support College life.

Student organisations need to submit their activity proposals, including the objectives, implementation plan and budget, by a specified date for assessment. The award winning organisation(s) must submit detailed activity and financial reports to the College on completion of the events.

Best Student Organisation of the Year Award
The Best Student Organisation of the Year Award is established by the College to encourage student bodies to improve their conduct of businesses and delivery of services. All student organisations registered under the United College Student Union are eligible to be nominated for the award. The selection criteria include:

(i) Detailed activity plans and financial reports;
(ii) Completion of all planned projects within the year;
(iii) Participation in other large-scale College functions;
(iv) Special meanings of creativity and themes of the projects organised; and
(v) Popularity and quality of the activities organised

The award amount is $10,000. 

Programme for Aesthetic Development

A galaxy of art and cultural activities are organised by the College to foster art and culture appreciation on campus and to give impetus to local artists. It includes thematic art and cultural festivals, as well as diverse performance art forms such as dance, music and drama presented in Si Yuan Amphitheatre or other indoor venues. Art courses and exhibitions of paintings, Chinese calligraphy and sculptures are also organised regularly. Renowned artists and writers are invited as Artist-in-Residence or Writer-in-Residence to conduct workshops, lectures, luncheon talks and sharing sessions to promote art appreciation and creativity on campus. Part of the music and art activities on the College campus are organised by the United College affiliated student bodies. These societies have organised many outstanding performances with the assistance of the College and the Student Union, including the annual Singing Contest and various instrument classes.

Healthy Campus

Physical Education

Physical Education is recognised as an important part of the General Education Programme of the College for the whole-person development of students. Its objective is to encourage students to develop their personality and health through team work. It helps students obtain useful knowledge and physical skills, enjoy recreation and live in good health.

Swimming Gala and Athletic Meet

Each year special functions are organised by the Physical Education Unit, including the Swimming Gala and the Athletic Meet, etc. All students are encouraged to take part in these competitive events. Students with potential will be selected to represent the College in various inter-college competitions.

United College Fung Kwok Pui Cup

The Physical Education Unit and the College Life Committee jointly organise the Fung Kwok Pui Cup. Staff, students and alumni are welcome to join this sporting competition.

Health Promotion Series

The Task Force on Health Promotion of United College organises a series of health-related activities with relevant University units. These activities include health screening, health talks, 'Campus Health Ambassadors' programme and marathon activites, which aim at raising health awareness of students and staff members.

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